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Government Employees, like all other employees, are in need of a real value added product program that can enhance their lifestyle.

Gov Care offers CARE that every Government Employee should have either as a STAND ALONE Care, or SUPPLEMENTING EXISTING Care /Cover / Protection Plans.

Gov Care is the Exclusive Lifestyle & Funeral Plan ONLY FOR Government Employees and offers indeed the BEST Experience.

All Government Employees have access to the subsidized Government Employees Medical Scheme - GEMS.

Private sector now offers  ALL Government Employees access to a unique benefit offering that enables the Gov Care member to self subsidize the premiums of the Gov Care Plan via the monthly savings generated from the Gov Care Plan. Each member will self determine the extent of his or her monthly savings generated.

Members can be proud of their Gov Care membership and can enjoy all the benefits on offer.

WHY GOV CARE? Why Gov Care Why Gov Care BENEFITS